Tornado Foosball Tournaments and Leagues
in Pueblo, Colorado

Please check this schedule once a week before Thursday. I will try to update this page every Saturday, but sometimes it is Monday before I have the time. If you are a fooser who has not played for years and you miss the old Deust Meister tables, it only takes about four to five months of practice to make the switch to the Tornado table. Once you have made the switch you will probably never want to go back to the old tables. The Tornado table is faster and you have so much more control over the ball. I have more to say on this subject in the section below titled "The Pueblo Foosball Challenge". The last update to this page was done on 03/02/2021.

Locations and Events

Classic Q's Sports Bar is no longer hosting Foosball tournaments. Please contact me if you know of a possible location.

The Pueblo Foosball Challenge

I know there are a lot more foosball players in Pueblo than the few regulars who come to the tournaments. I have heard comments like "I miss the ramps.", "I hate the three man goalie", "The old tables were better." and "Nobody plays anymore." These are just excuses for the people who do not want to practice and learn the art of playing on the Tornado tables. The ramps have been replaced by two corner guards who can retrieve, pass or shoot the ball from the corner. The Tornado tables are better once you get used to them because of the following features:
1. Balanced player figures (steel button in the head) for a smooth stroke on shots and passes;
2. Lighter, smaller and stronger friction pins instead of screws to anchor the player figures to the bar allowing for lighter, faster, hollow bars;
3. Heavier table body (over 325 pounds) for more stable game play;
4. Adjustable bushings on the bars for loose or tight response;
5. Bigger and better shaped feet with waffle surfaces for excellent ball control;
6. Softer textured balls that do NOT scratch, chip, crack, break, or get egg shaped;
7. Easier to level the tables on an uneven floor because the height of each table leg can be adjusted;
8. Coin mechanisms that do NOT jam and always release nine balls;
and many other improvements. The point is if those people would try playing on the Tornado tables regularly for 4 to 6 months, they would find out what the rest of us already know. It is much easier to play like a professional on these tables. They would quit complaining about the Tornado tables and get into some tournaments!

Tournaments Close To Pueblo

Note:  Please use the email address to contact me if you know of any Foosball tournaments close to Pueblo, Colorado.

NOTE: If you know of a Foosball tournament that is going to be held in Pueblo or nearby, please send me the details in an e-mail to and I will post it on this page. Thank you.

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