Photographs of Tournaments


The following pictures were taken at one of my recent tournaments. The names are above each picture because I wanted to make it easier to scroll down the page and you would not have to scroll back up to match the name with the face.  This page is dedicated to the most recent pictures of the players.  If you want to see individual pictures, click fbphotoAZ.html to see the players.  The last update to this page was done on 03/28/2017.


Thanks Darrian and Adrian for providing the time and the place.


Shannon Pugh (left) and Matt Webb (right)


Jeff Ferrier (left) and Vic Daughtrey (right)


Barbara Torgler (left) and Roger Torgler (right)


Ryan Hegler (left) and Ron "The Icon" Apodaca (right).


Kreg and Amanda Hartle.


Fred Soto (left) and Jennifer Lancaster (right).


Chris Lancaster (left) and Ken Smith (right).


Jojo Perez (left) and Marc Hibler (right).


Mike Sames (left) and Mario Dimatteo (right).


Fred Soto (left) and J.R. Long (right).


Matt Sibley (left) and Ron Frazier (right).


Craig Decker (left) and Matt Webb (right).


Ed Willis (left) and Scott Wheeler (right).


Kenn "Hollywood" Biby (left) and Floyd Wiseman (right).


Marc Hibler (left) and Ron "The Icon" Apodaca (right).


Kreg Hartle (left) and Mario Dimatteo (right).


Dave Grano (left) and Kirk Leslie (right) both too busy to look at the camera!.


Matt Webb (left) and Ken Smith (right).


Andy Strankman (left) and Rich Baca (right).


Larry Frazier (left) and Kirk Leslie (right).


Matt Sibley (left) and Ron "The Icon" Apodaca (right).


Fred Soto (left) and Teri Wiseman (right).


Floyd Wiseman (left) and Ron "The Icon" Apodaca (right).


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