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This site has the following items:

  1. Information about Foosball in Pueblo, Colorado.
  2. How to contact me.
  3. Links to other sites about Foosball.
  4. Photos of the best players in Pueblo.
  5. The current ITSF (International Table Soccer Federation) Foosball rules.
  6. The current (but NOT used) USTSA Foosball rules.
  7. Locations and ratings of Tornado tables in Pueblo.
  8. Information about the 2015 Classic Q's Annual Invitational Foosball Tournament.
  9. Schedules of local Foosball Tournaments.
  10. Life Time Foosball statistics from the results of all my Foosball Tournaments.
  11. Hidden Code for a half price Tournament Entry (if you can find it).
  12. Information about Tornado Foosball Tables for sale.

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The last update to this page was done on 12/10/2018.

My favorite place to practice is in my basement!

Foosball in Pueblo, Colorado

These pages include a copy of the ITSF international rules of play, a copy of the old USTSA rules of play, locations and ratings of the Tornado Foosball Tables in Pueblo, and information about Foosball tournaments in Pueblo.

Click ITSF_Rulebook.pdf  for the January 2007 version of the new international foosball rules from I.T.S.F. and start studying them.
I am using these rules in all of my tournaments.  Last update was 04/25/2007.

Click ustsa.html for the old USTSA rules of play.  I am no longer using the USTSA foosball rules in my tournaments.
These rules are the old June 2003 revision. Last update was on 01/24/2004.

Click tftaddr.html for the locations of Tornado Foosball Tables in Pueblo. Last update was 12/10/2018.
Check out what's happening at Classic Q's, River Side, Sunset Inn and The Draft.

Note:  Classic Q's now has two new Tornado T3000 foosball tables. They are the only ones in Pueblo.
The next Thursday night Foosball tournament at Classic Q's will be a Bring Your Partner on Thursday, December 13th. Bryan Robinson or I will collect entry fees at 7:00 pm and matches start at 7:30 pm!!!
The 2017 Classic Q's Annual Invitational was held November 3rd and 4th of 2018!! Use the results link below to see the winners!
The 2018 Classic Q's Annual Invitational will be held in January of 2019!! There is only one more weekly tournament left and you must attend 20% of this year's weekly tournaments to get invited (except beginers)!!!
Bring a new player who has never been to one of my Thursday tournaments before, and you will pay half the entry fee!!!
Click on the links below this line for Foosball Tournament information or send me an email request!!

Click fbtourn.html for the locations, dates and times of Tornado Foosball tournaments in Pueblo.
Pueblo has a tournament every week and I am working on another one!!! Last update was 12/10/2018.

Click fbtrsult.html for the results of the Foosball tournaments held in Pueblo at Classic Q's every Thursday night. See who is hot and who is not.
You will find the results of the 2017 Annual Invitational Foosball Tournament that was held on November 3rd and November 4th of 2017, on this page!!!!
Rookies and above must attend 20% of the weekly Foosball tournaments to be invited to the 2018 Classic Q's Annual Invitational Foosball tournament!! So get to Classic Q's Sports Bar every Thursday night to play in the Foosball tournaments!!!
I will include the results of any tournament reported via email! Last update was 12/10/2018.

Click fbphotos.html for pictures of players taken at a Classic Q's tournaments.
The last update to this page was 03/28/2017.

Tables to Sell or Purchase:

I would like to buy two used T3000 Tornado Foosball tables with coin mechs in good condition.

The Boys and Girls club here in Pueblo would like to buy two used Tornado Foosball tables (without coin mechs).

I have a gray marble coin mech Tornado table with a spare coin mech, spare rods, two dozen balls, a custom maple wood box light, and many other extras.

I have a T3000 Tornado home model Foosball table for sale (without a coin mech).

I have a brand new Tornado playing field for sale. Contact me if you are interested.

My email address is at the bottom of almost every page of this web site.

Other Foosball Sites:

The official Colorado Foosball site is and it is a very good site.

Another official site with a lot of information is the VIFA (Valley International Foosball Association) site.
You can find this site at

I found this site great if you are traveling and you need to find locations with Tornado tables. Try

I had a request from a fellow fooser to put a link to this site. So I reviewed the site and it has a lot of good instructional material for the beginner.
Please check out

If you haven't been to Clay's page, you have got to check it out!
Clay's web site is at

Another very good Foosball site is Rob's page.
Rob's web site is at

If you are going to Europe, check out Mark's site at before you leave the U.S.

If you want to contact me, my E-mail address is:

This site is constantly being updated, so be sure and come back here often.